Moo to goodness

The first hour after milk is obtained from the cow's udder, known as The Golden Hour,is when all its nutritional contents are in their purest form. Milk Route’s milk is secured and chilled within this time, retaining all its original goodness. Giving you the freshest, most wholesome milk, straight from the farmer with no middlemen in between. The freshest milk for you and the fairest price for the farmer. Now that’s an arrangement worth raising a glass of milk to.

Goodness all the way from our dairy
to your glass.

High quality cattle care.

Hygiene, feeding, milking and breeding.

The milk route difference.

Our cows are milked within the Golden
Hour when milk is at its most nutritious.

Milk collection centres.

Receive the milk and test it for quality, at the same time provide equal opportunity employment. Many centres are run by women.

Bulk milk coolers.

Strategically located to be accessible within
the hour from every centre so milk remains
bacteria free on arrival.

Our processing plant.

Milk is processed into the multiple variants in state of the art facilities ensuring the highest standards and quality.

Leading distributors.

Supply the milk to retailers
located near you.

Milk Route